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I look forward to working as your ally in the most important work of your life.


Peter Sholley studied at the California Institute of Integral Studies, earning his Masters in Counseling Psychology with a concentration in Somatic Psychotherapy. He spent three years counseling and training at the Center for Somatic Psychotherapy and also worked for three years as a Sandplay counselor at the Alvarado School in San Francisco. He interned with San Francisco Psychotherapy Associates under the supervision of Frances Verrinder until receiving his Marriage and Family Therapist license in June of 2013. Peter is a co-founder of Nourish Together, working with nutrition consultant Thais Harris to help couples achieve health goals together (

He recently finished a certificate program in psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy and research (CPTR) at CIIS in 2023, and is now offering ketamine to his clients as part of the Journey Clinical network. 

His interests include neurophysiology, ecopsychology, animal-assisted therapies, EMDR, and hypnotherapy.


Somatics refers to various healing practices centered around the body. In my practice as a body-centered therapist, I work with the body as an integral ally in the healing and growing process.

Also known as body-mind therapy, this is a way of acknowledging the split and also describing the real unity each of us contain. This dualistic relationship is a primary focus in the work of somatic psychotherapy. Some of the possible goals of working somatically:  to support our own progress, or express ourselves in the world, or set boundaries.
We are what we think.

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